How to look quietly intimidating

That includes former contestants, current fixtures on Bravo reality shows, the rest of the Kardashians, and basically everyone in Conrad’s social circle.

The content varies, but the aesthetic and the general message doesn’t.

” or “Enjoy the photos:” or “Enjoy these photos...” You would think, in 10 years, that someone might come along to do what Martha does and do it better. Even those who have come the closest can’t match the authenticity of a Martha Stewart piece of advice, given their websites’ immaculate, commissioned layouts and roster of contributors.

Her favorite things are usually made of paper, which is recyclable.Some image links are broken, and at some point Martha added a header subtly renaming the blog .Widgets linking to Martha’s Twitter account (started in 2009) and Pinterest (2012) are also newer, but otherwise the site is basically the same.It’s a rudimentary website, with little in the way of adornment or interactive elements.Just black text, a white background, a comments section, and searchable archives.

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A near-daily blog to which Martha (or one of two assistants who help her in “the blog studio”) will upload a series of photos and then describe what is happening in the photos as quickly and coherently as possible.

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